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overviewCrux Copilot serves as a centralized platform, allowing business users to seamlessly interact with diverse data sources. In most enterprises, investments are compartmentalized across structured datasets, unstructured documents, algorithms, and analytical reports. Crux Copilot provides a unified interface, streamlining the user experience by consolidating these disparate data investments.

designing 0-1In May 2023, Crux Intelligence transformed into a BI conversational platform from a Business Intelligence product. This prompted a thorough reassessment of our product goals, principles, and design. We swiftly launched the Demo version, followed by beta and alpha releases.

As the sole designer, I collaborated with the product management team to grasp requirements and features. My responsibilities encompassed shaping user journeys and flows, contributing to the design process across product, interaction, visual, and the design system.

my roleResponsible for end to end design process & documentation of Design SystemteamSolo Designer, 2 Product Managers
platformWeb & Responsive

Focused case studies from Crux Copilot

human-computer interactionIntroducing Assistance in a Conversational Experience
under the hoodBringing transparency in responses - How did we arrive at this? 
error handlingDesigning to Seamlessly Guide Users Through Technical Hiccups

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