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overviewBeing a top down B2B product, Crux was usually sold to the CIOs who couldn’t necessarily be relied on, to communicate our values to end-users. Furthermore, most onboarding sessions were taken offline which led to ineffective communication of our key features. In order to solve for this, we set out to enhance our onboarding experience that spoke about our key features while also adding character to our product through rich visuals and easy to understand copy.

my roleResponsible for creating the illustrations & UI teamSolo DesignerplatformMobile & Web

why was a onboarding revamp required?
Explanation of the product's promise
Our product, situated in the top-down B2B landscape, was primarily sold to CIOs. However, relying on them to communicate how the product would benefit end-users proved challenging. Onboarding screens would help facilitate that communication.

Valid user motivation for a product with personality
In our pursuit of a professional yet engaging product, incorporating cool and fun illustrations while maintaining the professional tone, added personality to the app. It also motivated users to overcome the initial touchpoint in their journey—the sign-up process.

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