Crux Intelligence Landing Page UI Design • Design System

overviewCrux Intelligence's USP lies in its distinction from a typical 'dashboard' product. However, our users often land on a homepage resembling traditional dashboards. To address this, we aimed to create a personalized landing page that offers essential business data at a quick glance, inspired by the curated feeds in social media apps. In addition to this, we also took on the task of revamping our UI, resulting in a modern yet simple visual language.

my roleResponsible for conceptualisation, visual
& interaction design
teamSolo Designer, 2 Product Managers,
1 Researcher
platformiOS, Android

We created two views: feed and grid, which users can toggle between based on their preference.

Basis the finalised design, we created components that would help the developers implement the designs with ease.

The old UI looked rudimentary, basic and outdated. The users landed on boards which is one of the 3 key features of the app
which essentially meant there was no home page in a true sense. Thus we created a customised homepage that would capture
all the relevant information not just from boards but also from the other 2 key features: ask & nudges.
In addition to this we gave the UI a much-needed visual lift.

We kicked off the process with a content brainstorm (affinity mapping) to figure out what should be the content of the app landing followed by setting design principles that would guide us throughout the whole project.

visual directions
3 designers worked on different directions that resulted in 3 distinct styles which was then presented to a broader team. Based on the feedback, we finalised one direction and realigned it with the design goals set initially.

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